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OK, I was wondering if Single woman seeking sex Hamburg had in contact Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more the Tuomy twins?

Their names are Dylan and Blake and I'm not sure when their birthday is. I last saw them when they were three about seven years ago so they should be around 10, they have light blond hair and used to wear it around the ears you know I'm looking for my 12 year old twin called Hannah.

We were separated at birth, and I've never seen her. We are identical, I have brown hair and blue,brown and greeny eyes, and dark brown straight hair. I'm less than 5 foot. Deborah UK - Wednesday, January 30, at I look just like you! We are about 11 Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more apart in age though!

Also, I was born in Virginia!!!!!!!! If you have blondish hair, blueish eyes, and short email me! I have loved twins for forever! I have always wanted to be a twin. I write stories, and my characters are twins. I play games, my characters are twins.

Also, I am twelve, turning thirtheen May 12th ! I am the boy from a boy-girl twin birth. Her birth name may have been Shailey, but most likely not her name today. We both may have many of the same Walk like a mature woman seeking sex pictures. We were separated when we were between years old. I was raised by my birth fathers brother and lived in Oregon and Washington State.

I didn't learn about my true identity until Torgance I didn't learn about my twin sister until I believe Torranve also have a younger brother, who may have My specific someone born about July in Oregon or Puerto Rico.

She is naturally tan blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was born in the state of Kentucky. Please email me if you match this description!! I believe that my cousin's twin may have Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more at birth-If anybody knows of twin deaths in CA hospitals in '84please contact at below address. I'm a 15 year old black female that believes my twin is some where in America going by the name of Kelle or Kaysha.

I have dark brown eyes with dark brown hair. Hi, I was Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more that my aunt had a daughter and then gave her up for adoption, and ever since I heard this I've wanted to find her.

She would have been born in either '85 or '86, I haven't been given much information. My aunt lived in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire at the time, and I think the adoptive parents lived in Florida. She would probably be thin-med. If you Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more this could be you, please email me. I want to find my cousin. I'm looking for my twin! It's the holidays and it woould be good to be reunited!

I have curly dark brown hair, that turns lighter in the summer, born on april 22, and am around 5'5! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: If any of the information sounds like you in any way, post something on this site, with a way for me to contact you, and maybr we will be together again mire.

I'll never stop looking untill we're together. Hi, many people in my home maybf say that they have seen me at this place or that maybbe I have never been there A man once showed me a picture of, well I am adopted, and have been trying to fit all of the parts together Any help that you can give will be helpful!!!

I know that my mothers birth name was "Karra", mqybe her 1st married name was Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557 Thanks for your time and help! I triend that I have a twin out there, faternal or identical. I was born on Febuary 16th, Anne-Katrin and Marita Kerl- adoption off american officer Birth: Wer kann mir helfen?

Hey,my name is melissa magbe i am looking for my twin boy or girl 16yrs old, 5foot6 or 7 lb, Melissa USA - Thursday, November 29, at Hey, I haven't received any reply yet Please see about 14 entries down below this one under Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more Waters as well for all my information Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more I have posted thus far.

Also, in response to Jasmin, are mwybe sure that you were born in ? Looking for my twin boy or girl with driend brown, curly hair, 5'5, might wear contacts or glasses, birthday april 22, I was born in SC on February 16, I now live in Southern Cali. I'm 5'5, I weigh lbs, long wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

I am lookinh for Leslie and April. I'm 15 years old Torramce if any of this sounds like you email me!

I am looking for twin boys Sonny and Ray Houston Sonny dated my sister Carolyn I would like to hear from them Ok, to add to the below I was born in Find decatur alabama wife month of December, although it was supposed to be in January, one month later.

I was born early due to some kind of complication, and I have a clubbed foot right footwhich First time trying this out 26 south central arkansas corrected Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more after birth.

I also had Fof Stenosis, and Pneumonia 3 times before I was the age of three the third time came on my third birthday.

Since I don't typically trust people this could be one of YOUR traits too, Butte Montana woman need fuck would guessI won't tell my exact birthdate and year, you must tell me yours and I will verify. Again, I am a male, Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more believe moge counterpart is male as well fraternal or identical I don't know, but I would guess identical.

Throughout my life I frienr frequently heard of people that look exactly like me, Torrancr I have begun to seriously wonder Over the past months I have become, and I am now, convinced. School in the 80s! I went to school with them and haven't seen them since elm. Krystal was in tor with me, I believe in 2nd and 3rd grade and I remember them through 5th grade at HS elm.

I babysat them and their older sister and brother in Gwinnett County, just want to see how they're doing! We are looking for Ed and Earl we don't know their last name, but we got our e-mail back and they have changed theirs.

So if you know it please send it to us Thanks alot!!! I am a quintuplet. Me and Torfance sisters and brothers were adopted when we were 10 yrs old, by the same family.

We would like to find our real parents or our foster parents. We have blonde hair, blue eyes. We range from 5''5. We are in the eigth grade. We were born on Sept. We were adopted through the 'Mothers for multiples' organization, devoted Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more finding homes for triplets or higher.

Please respond, or even say 'hi', I'd love to hear from Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more I don't know Torrrance name of my parents and the city where I was born but I like to kind my twin sister. I've already wrote once but I wanted this to be closer to the top. Well I believe that I have a twin. I am 5'3, have brown hair, brown eyes, and am lbs. I don't know why I feel this way, I just do.

If this mors like you e-mail me asap! I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, pierced ears I know my twin does too5'2, pounds. My twin and I were seperated at age 2. At age 1 Horny women wanting fuck st Salem got our ears pierced.

I went with my dad and my twin has only a mom.

I Am Search Teen Fuck Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more

I get hurt for no reason and feel pain. Probably cuz my twin sister is getting hurt sometimes and I feel it. I have a missing peice. Hopefully somebody found it. I really really hope my twin is out there living with a mom only.

I miss my twin. I believe my brother Chris has a twin out there in the world. Chris at the age of three talked frequently of having a twin brother named John. At that time my family had no reason to suspect there might have been a twin. Chris when younger hung around with the wrong groups, looking back he said that he always felt Dating from void that needed to fill. In his teen years Toreance suffered from frequent blackout spells.

Upon several of the occations he stated that he saw himself Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more toward him. My parents frantic to help him took him to several doctors the last of which he was seen by a psychologist and another gentalman. These two gentalmen rose the first questions of Chris's being a twin.

They told him that half of him came into this world and the other didn't. From there our search to understand loo,in, along with the questioning weather or not Chris really is a twin. Some years back my mother Hilary managed to get her records minuse the nurse's notes, Chris managed this as well. There it states Chris's birth being that of "Baby boy born, resusitation started. My mother was a nurse for thirteen years so she was able to tell maye that resusitation meant the child was in some kind of disstress when born.

Viable meant that the child was born perfectly health. That's when we really started to suspect that there might Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more a twin. Why would they make two different statements about the same child fifteen minutes apart.

Chris has a son who was resusitated when he was born also. Chris says that in his records there is the statement that he was born in disstress and needed resusitation. From there they documented every thing that went on, how ror responded to treatments, medications, and not once did they go back and state that he was born viable.

Our problem is that the records as well as the people involved then lead us to the fact that he is a twin but do not tell us what happened to the other child. None of us wants any thing other than to find this missing family member and catch up on twenty-eight years worth of life. If the child died at birth we just want to know so we can buy a marker. How ever it is the beliefe of Chris and I that this twin does exist and is alive and well some where out there.

Please if any one can help us find our Brother please do so, it would be greatly appreassiated. Any information, suggestion, or ideas will be helpful. Chris and I thank you for your time. I always felt that I might have a twin. I was born on july 29 have brown hair, some freckles, mabye blue greenish eyes. They are like yellow in the middle and turns into blue going outward. If you look like me and have the same b-day or close, e-mail me!

Im looking for my 12 Wives looking hot sex TN Covington 38019 old twin.

Blonde hair, blue-ish eyes, short. I am 12 years old, born in I was born on March Granny that want sex in Cincinnati Ohio, I wa adopted and recently nformed that I was a twin seperated at birth.

If you are around 5"5, curly dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, please contact me. My birth parents were Nicole David and Chris, who I don't know his last name. I would really like to find my sister: Do you have dark brown hair, fair skin,greeny-brown eyes? Were you born on 21st March If yes, you may be my twin. You were born on November 4, in Santa Rosa Calif. Your birth parents Torranve are Allan and Betty White Harriman. The rest of Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more family would love to get to know you.

Anyone knowing anything about them please email me. I am searching for Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more twin sister, DOB Aug She may have some of the same baby photos that I have. She may have been raised in Puerto Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more and she may also omre about Beautiful older woman searching seduction Iowa City Iowa. If anyone knows of a woman that fits this description please contact me for more information.

I posted way down there But I used an old addy by accident. Here is an update. I am looking for some friends of mine from Torrande School,their names were Starla and Darla Anderson. I hope you can help me they were really good friends.

Searching for identical twin sister, born June 1, Blue eyes, blonde hair, 5'7. She may have grown up in A connection for chat and maybe more California and may still be there. She may be a windsurfer and have the initials S. The Q could be a maiden name. Hi, I'm looking for my twin. I think my twin might be Stephanie Tanner.

Steph, do lookni have an e-mail Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more If not, there's many websites that will give you one for free. I have blue eyes, blond hair and very pale skin. Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more away from www.

I had an e-mail address there but I couldn't enter it! Strange circumstances surrounding my birth, and a strong feeling loo,in I'm a twin.

Are you adopted, or with your father but not your mother? If all this rings true for you, please contact me I'm not really mean!

Birth mom would be 52 and birth dad would be 66 now. Birthmom wore glasses for near sighted ness and Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more a full military service.

Please email me if this sounds familiar They went to grade school there in the 70's and I haven't seen them since. My twin sister and I were born on January 22, at the Rest Cottage in Pilot Point,Texas and our birthmother had four other children before us and they were born in the year of and and the first set of twins born in the year of and then Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more were born in If anyone knows any twins born in the year of and that our birthmother's Ladies wants sex NC Gibson 28343 is Sylvia T.

Dougherty please do let me know and let them know that we are Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more for them I had my e-mail address change and it's not countryducks webtv. You were adopted with your brother Jason by a family in Pennsylvania in the late 's. I am your birthmother's cousin.

I want to send you your baby pictures and family medical info. There appears to be a correction to my birth certificate where it lists that I am a single birth. Hi, I ffor reason to believe that I have an identical twin out there somewhere. I'm adopted andi've believed this since I was really little.

Everytime I would say something about it my mom would change the subject. Well anyway I guess somewhere if my asumptions are true out there somebody is looking for me too. I'm 14 years old. I was born on May 29, at about 3: I am about 5'2" and about lbs. I have brown hair that changes in the summer and brown eyes that lean more toward hazel. I'm african american but I have a caramel colored complextion. I was born in Louisville,Kentucky. I always feel like there is a piece of me missing.

I also, have these wierd feelings sometimes too. Like I feel sad during the happiest times like my birthday parties and I cry for no reason feiend too. Thank you for your e-mail, I think you could be my twin, but I tried to reply and was told that lookkn e-mail address was wrong. Looking forward to seeing a real sistadown for her race Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more the kids out for a fun day of peace,and dont for get too,vote for Jerry Brownpamala Harris, Barber Boxer, yes on 19, frisnd on25, yes on Fuc fake street guy u ready to go visit B.

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Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more

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Byron Miller, a year-old black man, died Sunday, Oct. Winter said Miller died from the multiple traumatic injuries, including the gunshot wound and blunt force trauma from the crash. The Times has contacted investigators to get more details about the case and will provide an update frien soon as possible. Dan McElderry, who is handling the investigation, said Miller was the pblankenger in the car. The female driver was hospitalized after the accident, McElderry said, but has since been released.

Anyone with information about the death of Byron Miller is asked to contact Dets. McElderry or Kevin Acebedo at So you fill good shooting at black people,? Hit the nail on the head here. Best of luck to you and your family — please consider moving out of the city. Latin BoyS, 42nd St. Crazy Mexican Familia friebd 5. Comptone Varrio aka CV Harpys 13 aka HPS Brown Familia 13 aka BF Pacoima Flats Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more Palmdale Crips aka PDC 7.

Bounty Hunters Bloods 8. Lime Hood Piru 9. Bloods aka MOB Theres Asian gangs like Santanas only ones 2 trip about. Bobby of Pasadena, California on said: Although I haven't seen them up close, I'm assuming the flocks of birds in the trees in the trees around my house are what is discussed here. I can clap really loud and that is usually enough to send them on their way. Steve from Calabasas on said: When I lived in Calabasas in the 80s there were parrots that lived in the pepper and oak trees.

When a hawk would fly over they would fly in with the ravens and make raven noises. Fruend casper of montrose, ca on said: If someone has a way of getting rid of these green parrots email me. Theyre cute and pretty - but baby cant sleep. They are in every tree around my house. Brian of Boise, Idaho on said: Just found this site, business meeting in downtown Pasadena, knew nothing of the parrots, Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more a swarm screamed past!

Loud Women wants sex tonight Carrizozo all parrots. I didn't see head or breasts, only wings and back and tail feathers. Any ID help appreciated. Next visit I'll allow more time for parrot hunting with my lens of course. Ed Kohl of Pasadena, California on said: Yes I too have How hard is it to find a good female a few yellow faced green amazons lately.

They may be loud but they are less messy than Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more damn pigeons and personally I would much rather hear them and Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more the occasional flock of several hundred than see and have Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more clean up after the darn pigeons which are everywhere and even lay their eggs in piles of their own poop instead of a traditional nest.

Maybe if the parrots are waking you fried you're in bed too late and lazy so just get up. As far as shooting them with bb guns you should just move. Ang of Tujunga, Ca on said: Today August 9th, approx green parrots also known as amazon parrots, were flying over my home, so beautiful! David of Tujunga, California on said: A small flock of five Yellow Head Amazon Parrots have taken up residence in my front yard juniper tree. This is a first, though I've seen a flock, twenty five to fifty of the same, fly daily from the Hansen Dam area east to La Canada or Pasadena at least once a week over over Tujunga for the last ten years.

Ffriend of Monrovia, CA on said: I lived in Hermosa Beach for many years and that is when I first noticed these beautiful, colorful, but Downs IL cheating wives birds flying over my place to land is a huge tree we had in our back yeard.

Then in I moved to Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more and saw them there. I thought at Hot lady looking sex tonight Lafayette Louisiana, hey, they followed Lonepine MT horney women Turns out there are several different flocks that fly all around in CA. That's so cool and strange that we have wild parrots because of a fire in the late 60's.

Well, now I live in Monrovia and I've seen them several times here as well but flock not as big as I remember seeing in Hermosa Beach or Arcadia. And to the BB Gun idiot that would aim at their beaks I hope they come back and peck on your little tiny weiner and shat your roof top.

You are a disgusting human being and your parents did a crappy job of raising you. Next time by ear plugs you deusche bag!

Moses Apostol of La Cresenta, California on said: Maye Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more I saw some of these parrots tweeting in my backyard just today. I even took a video of it. I began singing, and it even began echoing back to me! Local of Arcadia, California on said: These parrot's have been around the Valley for decades, Lucky Baldwin was known to have said they were the Noisiest critter's he'd ever seen.

Mia Gutierrez of Hacienda maybr, California on said: A couple of years ago I used to live in Whittier. One day I went out my house and saw a huge flock of birds. I thought it was strange that they were all green parrots. It was cool and scary. Something I will never forget. It was the Fire as my Dad lived there at the time and remembers it very well.

It was also in the local papers at the time. Parrot Hunter of Whittier, Ca on said: I hate these damned birds. Luckily for our neighborhood, we all Looking 4 airpark regulars to suck BB guns.

We used to go on Parrot Patrol most weekend mornings on our street to rid the world of their squaking madness. Yes they are beautiful My sanity Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more not worth that green and orange tyrant that sits on our telephone wires at 5am. I believe we've effectively scared them our of Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more neighborhood. A BB to the beak will do that. Johann Reynoso of La puente, CA on said: Daniel Chui of Altadena, CA oookin said: Up in Altadena in the neighborhoods near Palm and Reposa Lane, mayeb is very normal to wake up to the squawking of parrots.

They are only very active in the morning, and there are not too many of them. I have walked through the neighborhood at that hour and found them chilling in trees! Lynda Snyder of Glendora, CA on said: I live in Glendora and have had family here since I wake ever morning to the gor of the parrots chattering. I have owned parrots in the past and I love them. I like having them wild I don't Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more to clean cages or have someone care for them when I travel.

Emily of Brea, CA on said: Lots of feral Amazona parrots here in Brea, and I Adult want casual sex OH Walbridge 43465 their population is increasing.

I've seen flocks of over a hundred, and nearly every morning and evening their squawks ring out. I also saw what I think was a Mitred Parakeet today. Bon of Burbank, California on said: Parrots are colonizing Burbank now.

We used to forr a rare parrot occasionally in our area, now flocks fly over regularly. Saw a flock over our house of about 20 last night right before sunset - large and squawky. Clyde Olivas of El Sereno, California on said: Living near Debbs over 30 years. The flocks have grown. So far for around the Beautiful older woman ready sex encounter Davenport Iowa 2 weeks I have seen a flock circle around our old pepper tree.

They moee loud and their sound is so peculiar that it inspires a change a'coming if you know what I mean. There are around 20 to 30 in this flock and my maybs says they are peach-faced. In any case they are more than welcome Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more they light up this otherwise monotonous skyline of Sun Valley.

So far, it seems the ravens are tolerant of them although the ravens are quick to police any hawks out of the area since the ravens seem to have lay claim to our pepper tree to a degree. We have chickens and also feed the wild doves that frequent our property. We also have an eco-pool which keeps the winged wildlife around daily. The parrots are are an exciting and welcome addition to our frequent fliers.

Cupcake of Pasadena, california on said: These parrots are annoying they sit in my walnut Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more and eat all walnuts.

When I am sleeping they are so loud they wake me up. I lived in Pasadena all my life and I am amybe too fond of the Parrots. Julie Feighery of Seattle, WA on said: You definitely can hear them before you see them! Nature at it's finest! My family and I have heard them squawking loudly a ffiend time in the last month but I couldn't believe there would really be parrots here. But Trrance flock of 6 to 8 have been living in trees in our apt complex.

The kids have been thrilled to stand on the balcony and see them so close up! Velvet Ahten of La Crescenta, California on said: The parrots are back. Every year they return to the same tree two maybbe down, though thus far, there are fewer than last year when, at one point, I counted 64 on the utility lines in front of lkokin house.

They are as wonderfully beautiful as they are loud! Jim of Alhambra, California on said: I don't mind the Parrots - just wish they would start ftiend little later than 6am. They must be thriving here in Cal. The pigeons and crows don't come around much anymore. I still like the Parrots - think they are here to stay.

Aaron of Pasadenaon said: These birds may have an exotic look about them but that Torrannce not make fr for the amount of noise and mess they leave mabye their wake.

Wants Hookers

No fail, Hot sex nude Lakemore Ohio every morning, these pests, by the hundreds, terrorize my block literally RIGHT in front of my house.

I wake up to a horror movie each morning this nightmarish feathered flock flying in from god knows where. Not to mention the SUV size crap they unloaded on my entire vehicle two days straight. The bad outweighs the good with these creatures and its not even close. We have about 50 or so Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more have been hanging out near Sweetzer and Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more Monica for the last two weeks as well.

Great to see them chewing on the trees each morning. Debra Synott of Glendale, California on said: Yes, I've been watching at least all day from my bedroom window. I live right off of Allen, near Brand Park. They are beautiful and LOUD!

Horny Bloomington Lad In

Anonymous of burbank, ca on said: I was a volunteer for a bird rescue a few years ago and had a mishap where about a half dozen Ringnecks got loose. They came back several times over the next few days but we couldn't catch driend. Then we never saw them again. The vet called us and said come and get it or they would have to kill it.

We nursed it back to health and found a good home Lady looking hot sex Indialantic it. Delia of Glendale, California on said: Today I saw a flock of about green parrots with red heads rested on trees along Allen Avenue near Glenoaks Avenue.

Donna P of Hacienda Heights, Ca on said: Saw these guys about 10 times today-very colorful and loud-about 30 of them. Jennifer Plummer of San Marino, California on said: Saw six Yellow Headed Amazons in the trees in the parking lot at the Huntington Library at approximately 4: They took off flying in pairs. Doug of Burbank, CA on said: Flock of flying overhead and perching at the nearby elementary school.

Very Cool to see. Kathy O of Burbank, California on said: Update on the Burbank wild parrot invasion: They are indeed parrots. I got a closer look at them today as they flew low directly over our house. They are Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more with red stripes; both beautiful and loud! The flocks of parrots continue to fly over the foothill neighborhoods above Glenoaks Blvd.

They start their morning routine around 6 AM until about They have flown over our neighborhood about 10 times this morning. They come back around 4: What is interesting is that many people seem unaware that a flock of parrots is flying over them!

Brenda of Burbank, California on said: They perched for a short while in the trees near Valencia Ave and Victory. They fly in flocks of tens to hundreds. They have flown over our home Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more times this morning by 10 AM and it starts around 6 AM! It wakes us up. I suspect given the incredibly loud noise that they are wild parrots. Delaware Road near Glenoaks and 6th. They can be seen anywhere from this foothill neighborhood as they circle around in the sky.

We have never seen or heard this before Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more this area.

Adult Singles Dating In Enders, Nebraska (NE).

Donna of Lakewood, California on said: We had Torance 30 in our Magnolia tree yesterday morning. We've lived in Lakewood for 6 years and this was our first encounter with them. Very loud and they were knocking all Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more pods out if the tree. I was told they like the red berries in the pods so I guess that is why they picked Lady looking sex DeFuniak Springs tree.

Only Magnolia on the block! Harry Gray of Pasadena, california on said: Try again, last night I saw about parrots, about 6 or 7 flocks of The same green bodies and yellowish red faces. They were in the trees outside my apartment they like these black nut berry things.

They were there for about a half hour and left in 5 or 6 flocks of Yes, thousands, I am good at counting! Valerie of Azusa, Ca on said: They arrive every morning around 6am and make a horrendously amount of noise.

There are like s, they might flock here because there are alot of trees in my area but they are only her for about 20 minutes then leave. Later, in the afternoon they appear again around 4: It seems like the migrate from tree to tree.

Its very annoying and loud. Anonymous of Pasadenaon said: Haven't seen that large of a flock around here in awhile. Jeanie of Claremont, CA on said: Tyla Healton of Sacramento, CA on said: I thought I was imagining things when we saw not less than 50 parrots fly over downtown Pasadena this afternoon!

Sounded like giggling children! Sarah of Los Angeles, CA on said: Saw a flock of about 20 of them in a tree in Culver City yesterday! They were so loud! Barlowco on said: These parrots beat a flock of crows any day. And I think they have! Merrily of Lakeside, California on said: I first Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more aware of the parrots when I went for the mail one night and they were flying over me enmass screeching very loudly. I decided I would get frightened if I saw them sitting on the Paparazzis teen club in evansville indiana lines like Married man looking for open minded woman the Hitchcock film "The Birds" because they sound so much like the birds in that film.

Cherise of Ontario, California on said: I thought I died and went to heaven. These beautiful green parrots with red on the wing when they fly are absolutely stunning. Nature at its best. However, they are loud, but not annoying. Moved from Pasadena to Alta Loma and thought I would no longer see parrots. This week, for the 1st time, a flock of about 30 comes to the next complex over at 6PM for about a 30 min' stay every night the last week next to the Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more.

Have not been close enough yet to determine the species but seem smaller than the Red Crowned of the SG Valley. Richard of Montclair, CA on said: My wife has also seen them recently near Chaffey High School.

Very loud and very pretty. Anonymous Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more Ontario, California on said: There is a flock of at least 50 on the power lines close to my backyard. Attack of the birds!!! These guys are Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more and noisy. Dani of Claremont, Ca on said: They've been flying over my house in south Claremont every day for about 2 weeks!

And we live pretty close to the 10! They're always flying west around 6pm Maria of OntarioCalifornia on said: Just like you hear and see them coming, they disappear. They arrived in my persimmon tree this morning about 8 am, and ate some not yet ripe fruit. My husband thinks in the flock. Erika of Upland, California on said: I have been hearing them in the morning the past few days. Tonight we heard and watched a huge flock of the flying from tree to tree.

Very pretty birds but extremely loud. Ivan of Rancho Cucamonga, California on said: I just saw what appeared to be three separate flocks flying West directly over the Montclair Transcenter, in Montclair. Each flock that subsequently flew over after the first, came about 2 minutes apart. Each of them were so loud that I first heard them when they were about what looked to be maybe a half a mile away.

Their altitude was too high for me to recognize what color they were. From my vantage point they just seemed very dark, almost black. But they were much smaller than geese or black crows. The design of their flock arrangement was very haphazard. In fact, when the first flock flew over, after it was several hundred yards to the West of where I was at, there came a lonely straggler.

I wondered whether it would ever catch up. My curiosity was peaked by what I saw and heard of them.

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Gloria of Upland, Ca. For the last two day I have seen the msybe the are fabulous. From 8th to Foothill. Noises but just nature taking it course. The birds have been flying a round here for a couple Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more days! They are landing on a neighbors looki tree! Love to hear them coming and watch as they all squeeze into the small tree!

The noise they create is incredible. My grandparents used to live in Pasadena when I was a kid and I saw them there, but it was nothing like this. It's nearly 9 am and I can still hear them out there, but they are no longer over my complex. If it suddenly sounds like a hundred squeaky wheels are ascending upon you, look out for a flock of green parrots! Marie of Upland, CA on said: I just spotted these beautiful parrots in my neighbors tree yesterday, well over Toorrance of them and I saw a small flock flying when I dropped my kids of at school the maybbe Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more that.

I don't mind the mire they make it was beautiful. Anonymous of La Verne, CA on said: They are in my area now. I don't mind the Wife want casual sex Key Colony Beach. I'd rather hear that than automobiles and motorcycles.

We've got a good sized flock of about 50 birds residing in the trees across the street at the moment We always mode a lot of birds round the area at this time of year but Obihiro free sex ads usually crows that dominate the fruit bearing trees They're a pretty spectacular Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more once you frend in on their location, that is!

More often than not you can only hear 'em as their green coloring can make these wee guys practically invisible until they fly off to parts unknown Did manage to squeeze off a few photos before they disappeared Stan of hayward, ca on said: I've seen,heard, the redhead parrots in Berkeley and in Fremont in the bay area. Wherever there are many fruit trees and cover,they seem to flock.

These birds are maybbe over my neighborhood magbe loud and beautiful. It's so great to watch a bird that is usually kept as a pet out in nature doing its thing.

Grace of South Los Angeles, Ca on said: There is a flock of green parrots in our neighborhood today! Looking for a descreet woman an amazing sight! They are so loud that Trrance announce themselves! Cynthia of Pomona, ca on said: I just seen a large group of colorful green parrots they landed by my apartment and I noticed them laughing, then they Singles match in Kitchener Canada flew away it was a beautiful sight!

Torrance lookin for a friend maybe more of Alahambra, California CA on said: What would be of Alhambra without its parrots!! The noise of the leaf blowers, the garbage trucks, the demonic, neighbourhood-wrecking In-N-Out, those are the noisemakers! Parrots should be protected!! Pacific Grove,Ca on the central coast also has a fairly large flock of green parrots and has for at least 30 years. Anonymous of West Covina, CA on said: